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Pennypacker CC Rules and By-laws
PCC Rules



Food may only be eaten on the snack bar patio areas or in the grove.

No food or alcohol is permitted within the pool area.

Only cups/plastic bottles with lids are permitted in the pool area.

NO SMOKING, GLASS, or ALCOHOL permitted in the pool area.

Broken glass is a very serious issue for pools. In addition to someone walking on it, it could land in the pool creating a need to close the pool in order to drain it and remove the glass. NO glass!


We do not allow any flotation devices in the main pool. Over the years, we have found that children using flotation devices become dependent on them and can float into areas where they are not comfortable. For this reason, we request that all children wearing Coast Guard approved floatation devices are limited to the baby and frog pool areas. An adult must accompany any child wearing an approved life vest in the water at all times. Swimmies and comparable devices will not be allowed. Additionally, larger flotation devices prohibit the lifeguards from properly monitoring swimmers. Based on our experience, smaller children can get trapped under the device and are harder to spot. However, the exception to this is when we have a scheduled “Float Night”.


Swim Diapers are not allowed in the main pools including the frog pool, but are permitted in the baby pool. Unfortunately, any accident or diaper leakage requires us to close the entire pool to all guests for treatment. For the main pool, this could take up to 24 hours. We are certainly concerned about this type of inconvenience to our members; however, our primary concern is their health and safety, so we strive to keep the pool clean and sanitary according to Pennsylvania and federal regulations. The CDC’s website provides important information on this subject at,



In order to prevent injuries and ensure safety, swimmers may not place hands/arms on/around other swimmers’ head, neck and/or shoulders. This includes sitting on top of other’s shoulders. Any play beyond the head, neck, and shoulder area that is determined to be rough or unsafe will be at the discretion of the lifeguard and/or Manager on duty.


For the safety of our children we require children and guests that are 12 years or younger to take a deep water test before venturing out of the shallow end of the main pool. To pass the deep water test, a child must swim one lap in the deep end of the pool without stopping. The stroke must be strong and the child must be able to lift their head out of the water to breathe. The child must also tread water for one minute. Upon successful completion, a child will get a green band that indicates to a lifeguard that they have passed the test. Bands should be worn daily. This test is for your child’s safety! Ask at the lifeguard area and a lifeguard will be happy to give the test. If your child is unsuccessful, the first time, the lifeguard will explain what the child should practice in order to pass the test another day! The swim test must be renewed each summer.

NO Pets allowed on property.


The Club hours are listed on the website. The standard hours may be altered by the manager or for social or team activities.

No one is to enter any pool without a lifeguard on the stand.

The starting blocks and fulcrum for the diving board are to be used only under the direct supervision of the swim and dive coaches.

When a lifeguard hears thunder all guests must leave the pool and dated premises until there has been no thunder for 30 minutes.

All diaper changing must be performed in the restroom for the health and safety of all members. We recommend and encourage frequent diaper changes.

The baby pool is for children eight years of age and under. They must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Any unauthorized individual found in the pool area during unauthorized time periods will be considered a trespasser and will be prosecuted. Membership privileges will be revoked.

Health and Safety

All health and safety rules must be observed as posted.

Maximum speed limit in the parking lot is 5 M.P.H.

Individuals with open wounds; sores or skin infections will not be permitted into the water without a doctor’s note.


The following are prohibited at Pennypacker Country Club:

Running, pushing, wrestling, bothersome ball playing

Use of glass containers, including baby food bottles and jars


Loitering, playing, or smoking in the locker rooms.

Abusive language

Smoking within the facility

Skateboards and scooters in the facility (Bike are allowed to be ridden in an out of the facility, but must be kept on the bike rack by the path to the barn)

Alcoholic beverages during normal operating hours in pool area

Spitting or nose blowing in the pools

Flips off the side of the pool (okay off board)

Sitting or hanging on lane lines (unless in distress)

Jumping/ hanging off swim team blocks

Having more than one person on the hammock at a time

Roughhousing is prohibited

Playing on stone wall around the pools

Diving permitted only in the diving well (swimmers must wait at the bottom of the diving board steps until the diver is out of the water)


Enforcement of Rules

The Club managers and lifeguards are authorized to enforce these rules and regulations. Members who violate these rules are subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the manager on duty, including possible short-term expulsion.

The Rules and Regulation Committee shall have the authority to issue suspensions for infractions of these rules, except where the penalties are already set.

These rules may be supplemented or revised at any time. Such changes will be posted.

Repeated infractions of the rules by a minor will result in a written letter to the guardians of the minor.

The necessity of a third written letter of rule violation will result in removal of all pool privileges for the remainder of the season.



Should any member not comply with the rules and by laws the management has the privilege of canceling his or her membership.

  • Membership pictures must be updated in the system yearly in order for admittance at the front gate. No member will be admitted without proper

identification and proof of full payment.

  • Memberships are not transferable and are for personal use only. Any member who jeopardizes this rule, will have their membership revoked.
  • Guest privileges are a courtesy of the management and can be revoked without notice.
  • No glass or food permitted in the pool area.
  • Applicants for membership must obtain two references from adult members sponsoring their membership.
  • Bicycles must be placed in the bike rack at the top entrance of the pool.
  • No swimming, boating or ice skating on the lake.
  • Anyone under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The tennis membership is restricted to the use of the tennis courts, restroom, snack bar and tennis picnic facilities only. Tennis members are not permitted in the pool facility unless paying a pool guest fee and attending with a member. If found violating the tennis membership regulations your membership will be revoked.
  • The pickleball membership is restricted to the use of the pickleball courts, restroom, and snack bar. Pickleball members are not permitted in the pool facility unless paying a pool guest fee and attending with a Pool Member. If found violating the pickleball membership regulations your membership will be revoked.