The Pennypacker Country Club offers swim lessons for a variety of abilities and experience. All group lessons are offered in 1 week sessions, Monday – Thursday for 25 minutes. **Make-up Policy – make-up for all classes will only be offered on Fridays, and only when PCC cancels the lesson. Classes are held during rain, but cancelled for thunder and lightning. If you chose to skip a lesson, no make-up will be offered.

Lessons offered:

"WE DO" offer lessons to non-pool members. Please help us pass the word!


These swimmers have little, or no, experience. Goals include; comfortable putting face in water, blowing bubbles, floating on back, introduction to using “big arms” and breathing.


Advanced Beginners:

These swimmers are ready for breathing techniques. Goals include introduction to proper breathing skills, improving freestyle and backstroke technique, improving endurance, and possible introduction to other strokes.

**There must be 4 students registered in order to start any group lesson. We cannot guarantee the time you select, but will try to accommodate as best we can.

Private/Stroke technique:

Ideal for families who cannot make the times or dates of morning lessons, as well as for individuals seeking more individualized instruction.


Offered to swim team members only. Swimmers will have the opportunity to spend additional time with coaches working in a smaller setting. Clinics will be offered in the evening; and focus mainly on starts, turns, and finishes.

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